100+ Beautiful Baby Blankets You Can Crochet

Gorgeous baby blankets you can crochet for your own baby or as a shower gift for a friend. These blankets will be treasured.

There are so many stunning baby blankets you can crochet here. Projects for boys and girls, rainbows and chevrons, cocoons and lovey blankets. Free and easy patterns to choose from!

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Baby Blankets You Can Crochet

Over the last few months we have been searching high and low to compile the ultimate collection of baby blankets you can crochet.

Today we’re putting them all in one place so you can find just the project you need.

We have everything from granny squares and chevrons to stripes and rainbow patterns.

If you want an heirloom blanket for a baptism or a cocoon blanket for a photoshoot we’ve got those projects covered too.

There are a number of free patterns and most of them have instructions with step-by-step pictures making them beginner friendly too.

Whether you’re expecting a baby and working on a blanket for them, or you’re hooking a baby shower gift for a friend you are sure to find the perfect pattern here!

Baby Blankets You Can Crochet

Whether you're looking for a pattern to work up for your own baby, or you're making a gift for a friend's baby shower you are sure to find something you love in our ultimate collection of baby blankets you can crochet. From stripes and chevrons to granny squares and stars you're going to be spoiled for choice!


12 Point Star Crochet Blanket {GORGEOUS free pattern!}

This beautiful baby blanket can be made from a free pattern. This pattern is limited only by your creativity. You can use one color, combine different color yarns or even use self-striping yarn cakes. This pattern could well become your go to baby blanket. Check out all the different inspiration in our collection and get the link to the pattern.

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8 Beautiful Heirloom Crochet Baby Blankets for a Baptism or Christening

If you're looking for a traditional lace heirloom blanket for a baptism or christening you will not be disappointed by the beautiful patterns in this collection.

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Celebrate with these Colorful Crochet Rainbow Baby Blankets

If you're looking for a pattern to make as a baby shower gift for a mom expecting a rainbow baby this is the collection for you! There are so many beautiful patterns here and rainbow blankets are perfect for boys and girls.

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Granny Square Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns {It's all about the square!}

These granny square baby blankets are colorful and fun and this collection is filled with easy to follow patterns.

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Animal Granny Squares {Perfect for Crochet Baby Blankets!}

If you're looking specifically for animal baby blankets then check out this collection. There are so many different patterns to choose from, from farm animals to wild animals.

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9 Giant Granny Square Baby Blanket Patterns You'll Love

If you prefer your grannies to be of the giant variety then check out this collection. They're so bright and colorful, and you just keep following the pattern until your baby blanket is the size you want it to be!

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7 Fast Crochet Baby Blankets for Last Minute Gifts

If you'd completely forgotten about your friend's baby shower don't panic! These fast crochet baby blankets work up super quick. They're really beginner friendly too.

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Crochet Flower Baby Blanket {Everyone's loving this pattern!}

This gorgeous crochet flower baby blanket is super popular with our readers. Check out all the pictures to see how you can mix up this pattern with different colored yarns.

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Basket Weave Crochet Baby Blanket {Intermediate Level Pattern}

These basket weave crochet baby blankets are better suited to an intermediate crocheter. I love the idea of using a minky side to make the blanket nice and cozy!

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Animal Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns {Fabulous baby shower gifts!}

These animal baby blankets are so sweet! There are so many great patterns in this collection including some vintage options.

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Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns {They're bright and bold!}

For a bright and bold blanket that's perfect for a boy or a girl check out these chevron blanket projects.

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Stripe Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns {To add a pop of color!}

Or perhaps stripes are more your thing! There are some more rainbow patterns in this collection as well as some fabulously chunky blankets.

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12 Crochet Edging Patterns to Finish Off Your Blankets in Style

You can make any blanket unique by adding an edging so we rounded up some easy to follow patterns for you.

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Crochet Baby Cocoon Patterns {Perfect for photo shoots!}

If you're planning a newborn photo shoot take a look at these gorgeous baby cocoon patterns. They make for adorable photos for sure!

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9 Super-Sweet Crochet Baby Mermaid Tail Patterns Everyone Will Adore

Or how about crocheting a baby mermaid tail? This is one of the most popular crochet collections on our site so be sure to take a look at this one!

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Lovey Crochet Patterns {Cute security blankets for your baby!}

And we can't have a baby blanket collection without including some sweet lovely security blankets can we? So many adorable options here that are sure to become firm favorite friends for the baby as they grow.

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What size should a baby blanket be?

If you’re wondering what size your baby blanket should be here are the standard sizes of different blanket types.

  • Receiving Blanket 28″x34″
  • Baby Blanket 34″x46″
  • Baby Afghan 30″x40″
  • Baby Crib Blanket 30″x36″
  • Toddler Blanket 42″x52″

How many skeins of yarn do you need to crochet a baby blanket?

It does vary depending on the pattern and the guage but as a rule of thumb you can usually complete a small blanket with one skein of yarn, and you might need three or four for a larger or more complex blanket.

How many chains do you need for a baby blanket?

Check the pattern to be sure but as a rule if you’re working on a 36×30 blanket using a worsted weight yarn you’ll need to start with 150 stitches in your chain.

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